Mauricio Macri got on the subject of the Lanín volcano and they answered him with the Hidden Lake by Joe Lewis

In his social network accounts, the former president Mauricio Macri this Friday joined the controversy generated by the resolution of the National Parks Administration (APN) that declared the Lanín volcano a “sacred Mapuche site”, a measure in which the government then had to back downbut that campaign move by the former president opened another controversy: His opponents pointed out that he did not defend with the same enthusiasm another “natural wonder” such as the Hidden Lake, which, as is known, is in a ranch belonging to his friend, the English tycoon Joe Lewis.

“The beautiful Lanín Volcano belongs to all Argentines, without discussion”, The president emphasized along with a photograph of the beautiful landscape located in the Pacific Ring of Fire:

As is known, after criticism from the opposition, the APN reported in a press release that “in the coming days it will convene the body’s board of directors in order to form a participatory dialogue table with the province of Neuquén and the indigenous communities , and in this way national parks will nullify the current resolution, and will work together on a new one that contemplates the federal spirit”.

Nevertheless, Macri’s post brought the theme of Lago Escondido back to Twitter trendsthe mirror of water that is in the ranch of the English tycoon Joe Lewis has in the south, a place that Macri himself has visited on several occasions.

“Macri says that about the Lanín volcano because he wants it for his friends, like the hidden lake”Miriam Bregman immediately billed:

And so there were numerous messages that began to point, precisely, to Macri’s relationship with Lewis:

The designation of “Mapuche sacred place” that the Kirchner leadership of National Parks had attempted added to the questioning of several referents of Together for Change, such as the Auditor General of the Nation, Miguel Angel Pichetto, who expressed his repudiation through the same channel that former President.

“Strong repudiation of the decision of National Parks to declare the Lanín Volcano as a sacred Mapuche site. Once again, sovereignty is affected in a paradisiacal and touristic place in our country. An imbecility typical of this government. Soon all of Patagonia will be Mapuche”, pointed out Pichetto without half measures.

The “owner” of Lago Escondido: who is Joe Lewis, one of the 500 richest people in the world

Liberal deputy Ricardo López Murphy had expressed himself along the same lines, attributing the decision to “an absurd aberration typical of the delusions of Kirchnerism.” “I repudiate the National Parks resolution that declares the Lanín Volcano as Mapuche territory. An absurd aberration typical of the delusions of Kirchnerism. The national territory belongs to all Argentines and DEFENDS ITSELF, it does not surrender. Enough of Populism,” he said from his twitter account.

In his turn, Maximiliano Ferraro, president of the Civic Coalition, stated that the designation “attacked national sovereignty” and seated a dangerous president. “The Lanín volcano is a natural wonder, the heritage of all Argentines, not just a few. The decision of @ParquesOficial violates national sovereignty and sets a dangerous precedent. NO to illegitimate tolls and illegal taking and clearing in Patagonia” , indicated the two of Elisa Carrió.


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