The launch event for Andrés Ibarra's candidacy in Boca
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While Cristina Kirchner led the act in La Plata for Militancy Day, the former president Mauricio Macri He launched his candidate to recover the leadership of Boca in next year’s elections. Is about Andres Ibarraformer Minister of Modernization of the Macri presidency.

Macri was recognized after completing 15 years of his management at the club. “Boca deserves a professional, modern leadership, with a lot of passion and above all a lot of management, where the team is more than individualities,” said Ibarra.

“Andrés Ibarra invited me. It is a proposal for recover the united and professional leadership of Boca. That puts Boca on a global level,” Macri said, in statements to LN+.

As a joke, in a relaxed interview from San Telmo, the former president and former driver of the xeneize club suggested that there was a possibility of joining the list, which will go to elections next year. “I’m going to see if they put me on Ibarra’s list, it’s not that easy. Everyone wants to have their own footprint and their own management”he ironized.

The launch event for Andrés Ibarra’s candidacy in BocaCourtesy Andrés Ibarra

On the other hand, he referred to the maneuver of the vice president in the vote last Wednesday in the Senate: “What we saw yesterday in Congress unprecedented in the political history of our country. It is really serious, incredible that all those senators have validated a proposal like this that brings more poverty, more exclusion, ”he criticized.

“In a country where the Constitution is not respected, nobody invests, and if nobody invests there is no work and we will never get out of poverty. They have pushed our country one meter further into hell. That calls us to work more than everMacri continued.

In this sense, he was upset with those who gave a quorum and are not part of the Frente de Todos block: “I take this opportunity to ask the senators who voted for that. Above all, those who are not part of those that Cristina Kirchner kidnapped from Peronism, such as Alberto Weretilneck, who was governor of Río Negro. I ask him: What was he thinking when he validated a maneuver that destroys the possibility that the people of Río Negro have investments?

Andrés Ibarra at the launch of his candidacy for president of Boca in 2023
Andrés Ibarra at the launch of his candidacy for president of Boca in 2023Courtesy Andrés Ibarra

Consulted by the Rioja senator of Together for Change who also gave a quorum yesterday, Macri sentenced: “Clara Vega is an accident in politics. Nobody understands how she could have been a representative and then a senator. It’s a catastrophe.”

Regarding the vice president and the current situation in Argentina, he stated: “She put this president, now she put a minister of economy who is not an economist. It is part of this unreality that wants us to continue living. Fortunately, today there are many Argentines who see the path of the future”.

The former soccer players Sebastián Battaglia, Rolando Schiavi, Roberto Abbondanzieri and Diego Cagna, among others, participated in the meeting. In addition, Rodolfo Arruabarrena and Guillermo Barros Schelotto sent messages of support.

For his part, the Buenos Aires chief of staff, Philip Michael, and the First Vice President of the Magistracy Council of the city of Buenos Aires, Francisco Quintana, also participated in the meeting. In addition, they were the former president of the institution Daniel Angelici, Gregorio Zidar, Carlos Ben, Horacio Paolini, Oscar Rios and the family of former president Pedro Pompilio.


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