Macri defended Viviana Canosa

On Friday afternoon the surprise unforeseen resignation of Viviana Canosa a A24 for “differences regarding the notion of freedom of expression.” Before the decision of the driver for the prohibition of the channel to pass a report against Sergio Massa, Mauricio Macri expressed his support.

According to reports, the host canceled her program “Viviana con Vos” and dropped out of channel studies after they did not allow him to share the material about the new Minister of Economy. “Tonight our Viviana cycle with you for A24 has ended. We have had differences with the channel regarding the notion of freedom of expression. We believe that defending freedom is also defending a basic institution”, expressed the presenter in a release on Twitter before midnight.

And he continued: “We also believe that defending institutions and people are different issues. We also have a difference with the channel regarding the notion of violence. In our opinion, what generates violence is poverty, indigence, unemployment, inflation and all the disasters that we will save mentioning”.

Aware of the situation, former President Macri spoke in favor of Canosa also from the social network. The referent of Together for Change, expressed: “We cannot accept any kind of censorship of the pressnot even the covert in good intentions”.

Macri defended Viviana Canosa (Twitter capture/)

The former president considered that “it is a setback to ignorance, a punishment that promotes silence”. And he remarked: “We accept the cost of being free or we accept the consequences of not being free. I am with freedom”.

Politicians banked Viviana Canosa

Among other leaders who spoke out in favor of Viviana Canosa, the support of Javier Milei stood out. The national deputy stated:Bank furiously to the great Viviana Canosa. It’s crazy that she’s been censored and that she’s leaving the channel for wanting to post a report that might make someone uncomfortable. In freedom you say what you want and you take the consequences later but never prior censorship.”

Milei defended Viviana Canosa

Milei defended Viviana Canosa (Twitter capture/)

same position expressed Patricia Bullrich: “I bank you with my heart, Viviana Canosa. ! We live in freedom and democracy. We want uncensored journalism!”.

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