Alberto Fernandez and Martin Guzman.  (Photo: NA)

The inmate of the Front of All added a new chapter this Saturday: Maximo Kirchner led an act with the trade union branch of Justicialism in Buenos Aires, and returned to point against the economy minister, Martin Guzman, for not getting involved in “power struggles”.

In the middle of the inflationary escalation, the leader of La Cámpora charged first against the businessmen. “Now that we have to curb prices, the business community puts on the face of ‘I didn’t go’. The Argentines need them not to look distracted,” he said, and also launched harsh criticism against Mauricio Macri, the media and the field.

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“It catches my attention: How come our Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán says that he does his job but does not get involved in power disputes? When I don’t get involved and let everything happen, it’s always the whale that eats the krill”, launched Máximo Kirchner.

“When they are done bad economic readings… happens what happened in the province of Buenos Aires last year. The Frente de Todos renewed 18 national deputies. We renewed 15, lost three and it is very difficult for us to advance in the agenda that we promised ourselves”, he continued. }

“Political mistakes also affect our society. So we have to be attentive and not get angry when we want to debate and discuss”, added the head of the Buenos Aires PJ.

This Friday, the Economy Minister He had been consulted, during his visit to the south of the country, about the questions within the Kirchnerist wing of the Government: “My role is to dedicate myself 100% to management and not interfere in power disputes”, said Guzmán, in an interview with the Río Negro newspaper.

The PJ meeting was held in Baradero, on the grounds of the Luz y Fuerza union. There, prior to the May 1 celebration, union leaders from the 135 districts of Buenos Aires met. Máximo Kirchner definitively centers his political arming in the province of Buenos Aires.

On stage, the son of the vice president was accompanied by the vice governor of Buenos Aires, Verónica Magario, and the head of the CTA, Hugo Yaskywhat stirred up the march against the Supreme Court that prepares Kirchnerism for May 5. “The unity is not obsequiousness, it is not bowing your headis not saying yes when we know that there are things to change, “said Yasky, in another message to the Executive led by Alberto Fernández.

Before the act, in the Casa Rosada there was expectation -and some discomfort- before Máximo Kirchner’s speech after the harsh criticism that he launched himself; the referent of the Cámpora, Andres “Crow” Larroque; and the senator Juliana Di Tullioamong other referents of hard Kirchnerism, against Martín Guzmán.

Alberto Fernandez and Martin Guzman. (Photo: NA)

Christianity asks the head of the Minister of Economy and a government shift in that area, without further details on the course it should take in the face of the seriousness of the crisis. The Alberto Fernández’s response was to support Guzmán in his last public acts, although without expressly mentioning it and referring rather to the supposed good results of his policies.

The CGT moves cautiously while social movements allied to the Government take to the streets

The General Central of Workers (CGT), which usually mobilizes strongly on “working” dates and accompanies the mobilizations in support of the Government, considered this time that the conditions were not given. He went ahead and limited himself, this Friday, to issuing a statement.

In the letter, the central back the project announced by the Executive, but not yet presented, to create a tax on the so-called “unexpected income“, but also warned about inflation and pointed out that “the emergency income for the informal sectors and the extraordinary increases for retirees and beneficiaries of social plans arranged by the government, provide temporary relief”.

As this medium learned, while advances and joint openings are discussed, there are unrest in the labor center Peronist, where they claim Alberto Fernández more concrete measures not only in the face of the crisis, but in the face of the own internal executive national.

Meanwhile, the social organizations grouped in the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), including the Avoid Movement -which supports the President-, they plan for this Sunday a mega march with the optimistic intention of mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people in downtown Buenos Aires.

CTEP and Movimiento Evita are concentrated in the vicinity of the Obelisk.
CTEP and Movimiento Evita are concentrated in the vicinity of the Obelisk.

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They will ask for the creation of “genuine work”, the approval in Congress of a series of laws related to the popular economy and they will also give support to the “unexpected income” project.

In full internal, however, it will be a show of force within the ruling party. “The march is not against anyone. Obviously, we hear the criticism of Guzmán, Alberto, the social movements. We don’t share them at all, but we do not go to the media to confront. We are working”says an important leader who will participate in the mobilization this Sunday.

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