Maximo Kirchner: "The political debates that we have to give must be facing our society"

“The workers’ organizations, whether or not they are registered, have to be strengthened,” said the national deputy in the act in which the Buenos Aires governor also participated.Axel Kicillof, and he maintained that “many times they seek” that the salaried workers “confront each other”.

“Let us have the will so that the political debates take place facing society. I ask them to get involved, to participate. We need the people to recover purchasing power,” Kirchner remarked when speaking at the Eva Peron Museumwhere this tribute was made, which had a strong female presence from Buenos Aires Peronism.

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“We cannot let them confront each other, what needs to be raised is wages and not break the solidarity between those who have registered work and those who do not,” remarked the main referent of the La Cámpora group.

Máximo Kirchner recalled that his family incorporated Eva Perón’s legacy because he grew up “in a very Peronist home.”

“My grandmother Ofelia, Cristina’s mother, who was a trade unionist and always joined the women’s branch, also made me meet Eva from another place. She later joined the sector that (in the 1980s) Saúl Ubaldini led,” he told the police. militant gathering gathered in the hometown of “the Standard Bearer of the Humble”.

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