The mayor has not yet received information on salary readjustments (Photo Paulo Francis/Campo Grande News)
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The mayor has not yet received information on salary readjustments (Photo Paulo Francis/Campo Grande News)

Bill that provides for a salary increase from R$ 21,200 to R$ 35,400 for the mayor of Campo Grande, Adriane Lopes (Patriota), is still removed from the agenda and, according to the Chief Executive, no new information has yet arrived at Is it over there. The City Council estimated that the issue would be discussed again after the elections, a fact that has not yet occurred.

The justification for raising her remuneration and that of the secretaries is that there are categories of municipal servants with delayed salaries and cannot receive a raise because it would hurt the ceiling, that is, they would earn more than the mayor.

“Nothing has arrived for me yet, but I’m watching and waiting,” he said. On an agenda at Bioparque Pantanal this Friday afternoon (18), she confirmed that the increase has been stagnant for at least 12 years. However, she added that this is not a simple matter.

“This is a technical assessment. We also have to understand the financial condition of the Municipality. We are seeing the viability, considering that the agenda is still in the City Council”, she explained.

“I respect (the Chamber), but I need to evaluate it as soon as the request arrives for us, we will evaluate it with our technical team and see the feasibility of the possibility in view of the situation that we live economically in the Municipality”, he added.

Text – At the beginning of last month, the City Council submitted a bill that provided for a salary adjustment for the mayor and her secretariat, which would make it possible to increase the remuneration of at least 470 public servants. These officials would have pressured the councilors to present the proposal.

At the time, the president of the House of Laws, Carlos Borges (PSB), explained that the matter was removed from the agenda due to a technical error. He stated that payment to tax auditors, dentists and workers linked to Semadur (Municipal Secretariat for the Environment and Urban Management), for example, needs the mayor’s readjustment for it to be effective.

Carlão clarified on the occasion that in fact Adriane did not know about the existence of the project and only found out after the subject had repercussions. It was then agreed that the Executive, Legislative and civil servants would meet to discuss the issue, but so far this has not happened.

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