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According to the information on the website of the National Electoral Office, 240 of the 592 voters of the village west of Mohács voted validly for József Hárich.

The by-election had to be called because the former independent village head, Sándor Pécsi, who managed the village for decades, resigned from his post in September due to his retirement.

The mayor of Siójut was re-elected

Zsuzsanna Balassáné Ujvári, an independent candidate, won the mayoral election again in Siójut, Somogy County, where four members of the representative body were also elected in the interim voting held on Sunday.

According to information on the website of the National Electoral Office, the winner of the municipal election in 2019 received 196 valid votes, while his independent competitor, Endre Krisztin, received 32 valid votes. The representatives were chosen from five independent candidates by the people of Siójut.

Out of the 544 voters of the village near Siófok, 230 exercised their right to vote, two votes were invalid in the mayoral election and one in the election of the representative body. The election was necessary due to the previous decision of the representative body to dissolve, MTI reported.