Mayotte: violence escalates with the attack on a school bus
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A bus carrying students was violently attacked by an armed gang in Mayotte. Children were beaten with knives and machetes. The driver of the vehicle was also injured. Violence, on the rise on the island, does not spare the surroundings of schools.

The arrival of the Route du Rhum, Wednesday November 16, was unfortunately bereaved after the fatal capsize of a follower boat, a few minutes from the arrival of the winner of the race. On board were 11 passengers. Two members of the organizing society died. The boat service provider was responsible for transporting the press, officials and guests. An investigation is opened for manslaughter and involuntary injuries.

In sporting terms, the 2022 edition of the Route du Rhum was won by Charles Caudrelier, skipper of the Ultim Maxi Edmond de Rothschild. He crossed the finish line on Wednesday, November 16, at dawn, less than a week after leaving Saint-Malo. An arrival at the end of a real showdown with François Gabart and Thomas Coville. The first three skippers of the transat broke the 2018 record.

Global warming could make tsunamis more and more devastating due, in particular, to the rise in sea level. On the island of Maré, in New Caledonia, some families are regularly confronted with the risk of tsunamis, forcing you to move to the heights.

In this week for the employment of disabled people, close-up on their difficult professional integration. More than three-quarters of them say they are satisfied with their profession. Like Pierre Alexandre Dijoux, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. He has just landed a permanent contract in Saint Denis de la Réunion within a personal assistance company.

Porites rus are a unique species of coral: they spawn during the day, in a totally synchronized way, at a specific time and day. In Polynesia, a handful of enthusiasts and college students are studying them to understand the impact of climate change on their reproductive system.

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