Mayra Mendoza adds another accusation of corruption: they ask to investigate her for embezzlement

Justice asked to investigate the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendozafor new facts of corruption.

In addition to Mendoza, former officials are charged. The crimes of which they are accused are: embezzlement of public funds, embezzlement of national funds and money laundering. This is why they called for the lifting of banking secrecy.

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On Friday, the Kirchnerist official had been charged for the alleged diversion of funds to Quilmes cooperatives. Federal prosecutor Ramiro González accused her of having irregularly sent a total of 535 million pesos to a group of entities linked to members of the southern municipality of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

The accusation against Mayra Mendoza and former officials of her government

The file opened by the aforementioned federal prosecutor Ramiro Gonzalez began with a series of data published on the site The Dissent. Over there it was reported that the contributions to the cooperatives were coordinated by “Sebastián Roberto Raspa, Undersecretary of Habitat of the Buenos Aires municipality of Quilmes, who together with his partner and former Quilmeño official Martin Bordalejo They manage an interesting portfolio of cooperatives and joint-stock companies.

According to the prosecutor, this exposed a structure through which “national funds that were delivered to the municipality of Quilmes were used to pay cooperatives whose owners are Raspa and Cangelosi”.

The crimes for which Mayra Mendoza and her former officials are being investigated are those of embezzlement of public funds and negotiations incompatible with the public function.

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