McKinsey: investigations opened into Macron's presidential campaigns
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The information was first disclosed by The Parisian. It was then picked up by all the main French media, before also landing in the international press.

“The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) has decided to investigate a possible ‘non-compliant keeping of campaign accounts’ and on the ‘reduction of accounting elements in a campaign account’, from Emmanuel Macron and his teams”, teaches us The evening.

“Favouritism” and “concealment of favouritism”

This particularly concerns “conditions for the intervention of consulting firms in the 2017 and 2022 election campaigns”, specifies the Belgian media. And a second judicial investigation relates to heads of “favoritism” and “concealment of favouritism”.

As the emphasizes on its side Time, them “Suspicions would be based on the relations of the president and his entourage with the American consulting firm McKinsey, to which public contracts could have been awarded under problematic conditions”.

This is not an unknown name to the battalion, as the Swiss daily reminds us:

“McKinsey had already been targeted by a PNF investigation for aggravated laundering of tax evasion, and had been at the heart of a controversy launched in the middle of the presidential campaign by a Senate report on the explosion of recourse to consulting firms since Emmanuel Macron is president, particularly during the Covid pandemic.”

On the other side of the Alps, the Corriere della Sera notes for his part that this would be “the first investigation aimed at [directement ou indirectement] the French leader”.

And the Milanese daily reports:

“Among the three investigating judges in this investigation is Serge Tournaire, famous for having indicted François Fillon in 2017 [condamné par la suite] for the fictitious employment of his wife, Penelope, as well as Nicolas Sarkozy, within the framework of the Bygmalion affair.”

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