Media and Marketing #132

With the pandemic, did people care more about sport and quality of life? And will wearing sportswear in everyday life be more accepted in the post-pandemic world?

This week’s Media and Marketing program welcomes Rogério Barenco, general manager of the Mizuno brand in Brazil -see the full interview above.

The executive also talks about the world of sports, street racing and tells how the importance of content creators has grown for advertisers. “You can’t imagine a product launch without an influencer doing a review. The challenge today is to curate these influencers” (in the video, from 17:02).

And how do sports brands compete for space with the sofa?

“Many brands from other categories also want to take ownership of the race. This is positive for us to win the dispute with people’s sofas and cell phones. (The entry of other brands) It’s good that it moves the entire sport ecosystem”, it says (from 24:01).

“Consumers have also discovered that sportswear are comfortable for everyday life. People also buy sneakers to convey a sporty image. In Brazil, we still have an effect that is to wear running shoes on a daily basis. We don’t see that. in other countries – and that’s great for everyone”, declares (from 31:05).

And is running really a democratic sport, even with sneakers that cost more than R$1,000?

“Yes, running is one of the most democratic sports there is, which brings a lot of benefits to health. Within our portfolio, we have more expensive sneakers, which cost up to R$ 1,000, but we are also developing products and technologies in Brazil In this way, we are able to offer products with Muzino quality for those who cannot afford such a high price, with more accessible price ranges”, explains the executive. (from 11:03).

Mizuno, a Japanese brand with more than 115 years, has been in Vulcabrás’ portfolio of companies since February last year – until then, Alpargatas had the right to manufacture branded products in the country.

“We want to expand the sports that Mizuno works in Brazil. Vulcabrás’ manufacturing scale is Mizuno’s differential today, combined with the product development center in Rio Grande do Sul. Our premise is to contribute to society through sports, to promote the practice of sports in Brazil”, says Barenco (from 2:30).

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