Medvedev explained why the US and the EU are pushing Kyiv to negotiate with Russia
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According to Medvedev, “everyone is very tired of the Kyiv regime,” so that Ukraine’s “clumsy attempts” to transfer responsibility for the missile incident in Poland to Russia failed. Even the Poles did not accept them.

“The United States, NATO and the European Union do not want a final break with Russia, fraught with a third world war. Hence the frequent attempts to short-change and reason with Kyiv, to push it into negotiations,” the deputy chairman of the Security Council wrote.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not want negotiations, so as not to recognize the realities of the collapse of Ukraine, Medvedev continued.

“Zelensky does not need negotiations for obvious selfish reasons,” he said, adding that the Ukrainian president feels threatened by them.

“After all, if you do not recognize the realities of the collapse of Ukraine, it is pointless to sit down at the table,” Medvedev said.

He designated this situation with the chess term “zugzwang”, in which any move of the player leads to a deterioration in his position.

On November 15, the day of massive Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, two rockets fell in the village of Przewodow in Poland, near the border with Ukraine. Two people died as a result of the incident.

Attempts to accuse the Russian Federation failed: Poland stated that they had no evidence that the missile was fired by the Russian side, and there is even a high probability that the projectile belonged to the Ukrainian air defense. Published photographs of the wreckage of a rocket that fell in Poland were identified by Russian experts as elements of the Ukrainian C-300, the Defense Ministry said.

Earlier, Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin wrote in his Telegram channel that the Kyiv regime proved the failure of NATO to the whole world. Among other things, it was proved when a Ukrainian missile hit Poland, “which could not detect a single tank (apparently, all are on the territory of Ukraine), destroyed the first tractor that came across.”

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