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Messages show blackmail against Bolsonaro’s ex suspected of cracking

Marcelo Nogueira

The edition of VEJA that arrives this weekend on newsstands and digital platforms reveals a extortion and blackmail story against Ana Cristina Vallesecond wife of President Jair Bolsonaro accused by a former employee of being the mentor of the crack scheme in the office Flávio Bolsonaro.

The author of the intimidations knows the day to day of the presidential family like few others. Marcelo Luiz Nogueira was an employee of Zero Um and worked as a nanny for Zero Quatro, Jair Renan. It was as a caretaker and domestic servant to Bolsonaro’s ex and mother of the president’s youngest son, Ana Cristina Valle, that he says he assembled most of what he considers an explosive collection.

In the material that he threatens to disclose would be details about the day-to-day collection of the crack in Flávio’s parliamentary office in the Legislative Assembly of Rio, audios of years of conversations with Ana Cristina and Renan, compromising videos of Bolsonaro’s ex in alleged financial transactions in the former her law firm in Rio and various text messages about the years she enjoyed the intimacy of the Bolsonaros.

At least since November, Ana Cristina began to receive threats from the former employee. In messages that VEJA had access to, he asked for the payment of 200,000 reais to remain silent and not reveal details yet unpublished of the cracking scheme. In another, she speaks openly of death threats. See messages:

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