The inscription inside reads "I have your faith, I keep mine", in French.  (Photo: Noonans)
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Anyone who buys a metal detector dreams of finding a treasure or something valuable. For David Board, a 69-year-old Briton, the English countryside produced a startling discovery when he found a medieval diamond wedding ring in “near mint condition” near Thorncombe, England. history has turned viral on social networks.

Following Board’s incredible find, the piece will be put up for auction later this month. The item from the Middle Ages is estimated to fetch between £30,000 and £40,000 (between $35,500 and $47,300).

Board discovered the ring on his second attempt to become a metal prospector after a period in the 1970s when he toured several local beachesbut found nothing important, said a press release from the English auction house earlier this month.

The metal prospector described the find as something “once in a lifetime”. “There will probably never be another like it. Back then, each ring was individual and unique., not mass produced like today. Is awesome”he said during an interview with .

The fascinating discovery of the ring

Board took up metal detecting again in 2019. During the second day of a field search, almost gave up when he received a signal on his detector next to a road. At first he thought it was a candy wrapper, but then he realized it wasn’t.

It was a gold ring. When she dug it up all covered in mud, Board said that thought it was just “junk” and put it in his pocket. “It was once I got home and washed myself that we realized that I was much better than we thought”he explained to the aforementioned medium.

The inside inscription reads “I have your faith, I keep mine”, in French. (Photo: Noonans)

The ring is in “almost perfect condition”Nigel Mills, a coin and antiquities consultant at Noonans auction house, said in the statement. The jewel has a golden hoop of two intertwined bands to symbolize the marital union and an inverted diamond set in it.

Inside the band is an inscription in medieval French that reads Ieo you have foi you have le moywhich translates to “I have your faith, I keep your faith, I keep mine,” according to the auction house.

The story behind the ring

Due to the location where the find was recorded and the quality of the ring, the Noonans experts estimate that the wedding ring may have belonged to Joan Brookgiven to her by her husband, Thomas Brook.

According to the auction house, the marriage, in 1388, brought great wealth to the Brook family as Joan was the widow of Robert Cheddara wealthy cloth merchant and twice mayor of Bristol, a city in the west of England.

The wedding ring is believed to have belonged to Joan Brook.  (Photo: Noonans)

The wedding ring is believed to have belonged to Joan Brook. (Photo: Noonans)

Now dubbed The Lady Brook Medieval diamond ring, the piece will be auctioned on 29 of November. The discovery adds to a list of finds made by searchers in the UK.

Board goes out three times a week, weather permitting, with the hope to discover another great relic. “It would be amazing if he did. You never know what the next sign will be.”indicated.

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