Metaverse: the cryptocurrencies with the greatest growth potential

Under certain avatars, different gamers, content creators, learners and explorers They are some of the profiles that haunt the universes built with code and who define a new market dynamic, where concepts such as property or generated value change their meaning.

5 cryptocurrencies of the metaverse

In this 2022 there are various digital assets that are on the rise within the metaverse. Especially in the gaming community, Certain cryptos carry with them many expectations for these months.


Sandbox metaverse.jpeg

It is precisely one of the favorite currencies of gamers. This crypto not only has influence in the metaverse, but also in the market of the NFT’s. Remuneration is easily transferable to any platformso its malleability is worthy of cornering the market.

AXS by Axie Infinity

AXS metaverse.jpg

It is one of the most recognized cryptocurrencies both inside and outside the technological universe thanks to the nice video game In 2021 he raised more than 150 million dollars with his sponsors from risk capital.

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Terra virtua metaverse.jpeg

TVK is not only attractive because of the small capitalization, but also because it has a variety of digital collectibles, which makes it a required currency within the video game community.


RFOX Metaverse.jpg

This virtual currency has a market capitalization of just over $120 million. Experts consider that it has a very good opportunity for growth in this 2022. Contrary to currencies that focus on the video game industry, RFOX is based on a more real perspective, such as online trading, virtual establishments or investment.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

Alien Words metaverse.jpg

A blockchain-based game in which players will compete within the community for scarce resources in this metaverse and cryptocurrency activity.

Alien Worlds has decentralized elements in the game and users can take things to another level via Trillium Stakes (TLM) to obtain voting rights in Planet DAO. Any player who wishes to participate in this metaverse and cryptocurrency alternative must have a WAX Cloud Wallet.

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