Mexico Rescue Mission calls to create pact for education in Guanajuato

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- Create an Educational Pact for Mexico, which includes the various actors in education, legislators and citizens, was the proposal of the association Mexico Rescue Missionin order for the country to leave the 102nd place worldwide in this matter.

They highlighted that in the current school year, 16 million 414 thousand 404 students face an educational system that has been in a swing of eventswhich harm their levels of learning, continuous and comprehensive training.

Carlos Aguirre, representative of Mexico Rescue Missionpointed out that so far this six-year term, there have been two Secretaries of Education and more changes are expected, which do not provide stability to any educational project.

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A series of assemblies was generated to modify the textbooks where the richness of the contributions by the teachers present, it is not known where it was left and the parents were left out of this exercise”, he referred.

The members of the association questioned the results and the continuity of all this work, considering that they have been forgotten, since the results were not communicated, nor what would be the changes and modifications to the textbooks.

In addition, they pointed out that it was recently reported that there is a change to the new curricular framework at the basic education level where o grades are replaced by phases o the educational methodology of project-based learning is limited.

They stressed that a true humanistic educational model with a transcendent meaning is needed, according to the needs of the country and the educational challengeswith the requirement that the Federal Government desist from the educational initiative that is not clear in its application and development.

We call on all citizens, the various actors in education, legislators and all those interested in Mexico leaving the 100th place in education worldwide, to form the Educational Pact for Mexico”, they reiterated.

Likewise, They pointed out that this pact will be the great platform where all the actors of education will jointo generate in a fraternal way, the model that Mexico deserves.

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