This Tuesday the 21st at Centro Fox, the “Leadership Without Borders Forum” will take place, in which 150 university students, researchers and young leaders from Mexico and the United States will participate to debate and propose on the migratory phenomenon.


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The event is organized by Centro Fox, UC San Diego Extension and the Center for Educational Alliances at UCI. It will also serve to establish relationships with student leaders from educational institutions in Mexico and the United States.


The opening conference, which will be at 9 in the morning at the Fox Center Auditorium, will be given by the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada. The secretary of the Migrant of Guanajuato, Juan Hernández, will also participate.


The PAN mayor of Guanajuato capital, Alejandro Navarro, wrapped himself in the flag of the LGBT community and participated in the pride march in León. He thanked that the organizers invited him: Ricardo Gallardo and Julio O’Farrell.


Navarro broadcast the tour live, took photos and video and went up to the pavilion with a full Main Square to invite people to celebrate July 16 in the capital, but also to say that politicians must work for the respect of the rights of all.


That is where the speech does not click with the facts. The PAN was a majority local legislator between 2015 and 2018 and never, like the rest of his blue party colleagues, presented any bill in favor of recognizing the rights of the LGBT+ community (equal marriage, change of identity or others) .


In addition, the Amicus organization, headed by Leonese Juan Pablo Delgado, is taking a lawsuit against the Municipality of Guanajuato for the dismissal -20 months ago- of a trans woman who accused harassment, isolation and discrimination. The Government has defended her dismissal and the legal process is open in the Bureaucratic Court.


In the State Congress, the initiatives presented by the opposition in favor of sexual diversity remain in the eternal ‘freezer’, including the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, which today is possible thanks to a decree of the State Executive but for which the community demands certainty.


At the work table with the Human Rights Commission on June 15, to analyze the Report of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the State of Guanajuato, the activist Juan Pablo Delgado accused a lack of interest on the part of the organization in listening to and attending to the needs of the community of sexual diversity.


A year ago they met with the ombudsperson Vicente Esqueda, he stated, to resume the agreements reached with his predecessor, José Raúl Montero de Alba, among them that the Attorney General’s Office would present legal initiatives to guarantee their rights, as one more measure of pressure to rule the proposals they have ignored.


For 12 years, in the first administration of the prosecutor Gustavo Rodríguez (today a Magistrate) the Working Group with People of Sexual and Gender Diversity was installed, and that in the current administration of the Prodheg has not met once. “We have not been summoned, why was it suspended?” Delgado Miranda questioned.


Juan Pablo, who created and directs the “Visible” platform to report cases of discrimination or violence against an LGBT+ person, marched in León on Saturday and is in Monterrey today to sign an agreement with Amicus with the local government headed by Luis Donaldo Colosio Rojas. to use this reporting tool.


This same agreement has already been signed with the governments of Jalisco, Nayarit, Mexico City and the Municipality of Pachuca. No one is a prophet in his land, they say.


So far this year, the Visible platform has documented 193 incidents of discrimination or aggression against LGBT+ people in the country, the highest number in: CDMX (57), State of Mexico (31), Jalisco (29), Guanajuato (14) and Puebla (11).


The young Alice Galván López presented on Thursday in Mexico City the new foundation “Patria Unida”, whose objective, she says, is to confront Morena’s ideology. They have the backing of Vox and other far-right parties in Europe and America.


She was an advisor to the Leonese PAN senator, Alejandra “La Wera” Reynoso, who was in that delegation of deputies and senators who received the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and who caused a stir in September of last year.


The Senator congratulated her on the project: “I am convinced that from @PatriaUnidaMX you will contribute a lot to our beloved country. Thank you for your congruence and your work. Mexico needs more citizens like you.” Alice thanked her for her support and advice and promised to defend democracy and freedoms.

Alejandra and deputies in Ibarrilla

In the program “Mi Barrio Habla” the mayor Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos visited the Mesa de Ibarrilla community on Saturday, accompanied by federal deputies Román Cifuentes and Fernando Torres and local deputy Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres.

Residents of the communities of Huizache, Mesa de Ibarrilla, Capulín, Barbosa, San Ignacio and Buenos Aires participated in the work table with authorities.

The main demands of the population were support in the areas of: agricultural and economic development, education and culture, environment, security and transportation, infrastructure, health and social assistance, and sports and recreation.

They made agreements, including supporting the young athlete José Luis Almaguer.

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