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“It is completely unacceptable that the leadership of the European Union freezes, actually takes HUF 3,000 billion from Hungary! This is because they are not punishing the Hungarian government, but the Hungarian people,” emphasized the Mi Hazánk Mozgalom in its statement. We reported on the latest developments related to EU funds here.

Mi Hazánk sees that “Fidesz will find the resources from the Hungarian budget to finance its own moon court. They take the money from Hungarian businesses, Hungarian workers, pensioners, families, and municipalities, which is not a donation, but a business agreement, as a result of which they pump a lot of money out of Hungary through multinational companies and use the Hungarian workforce and our market too”.

Meanwhile, the Orbán government, under pressure from Brussels, wants to support Ukraine with 70 billion forints per year (!) from Hungarian taxpayers’ money. At home, education and healthcare are in ruins, wages and pensions are low, prices and inflation are sky high. All this is unacceptable! We demand that Hungary refuses to pay HUF 610 billion a year to the Union’s coffers until we receive all the funds due to us

– they said in the party’s statement.

Finally, they also demanded that “the Hungarian government neither supports EU loans nor gives Ukraine 70 billion per year.”