Mica Viciconte

In the countdown to the birth of her first child, Mica Viciconte shared this Wednesday on social networks the last ultrasound of her baby and expressed: “Luca is waiting”.

The champion of “MasterChef Celebrity” will become a mother as a result of her relationship with Fabián Cubero, who is already the father of Allegra, Indiana and Sienna along with Nicole Neumann. This is the first man for the former soccer player who also goes through the sweet wait with great emotion.

Mica Viciconte (Instagram/micaviciconte/)

Through her Instagram account, the lifeguard uploaded a story from the obstetrician’s office and assured that the pregnancy is going well. “Everything is fine, just wait,” she said anxiously before the final stretch to give birth to her little one. She also stated that it was the last ultrasound before the delivery scheduled for May 7.

Mica Viciconte underwent the last ultrasound

Mica Viciconte underwent the last ultrasound (Instagram / Micaviciconte /)

The young woman from Mar del Plata and the idol of Vélez they began their relationship more than four years ago and they managed in a very short time to consolidate their love and form an assembled family with his daughters. Through Instagram they share a large part of their coexistence and show they have a lot of chemistry as a couple and chemistry.

Mica Viciconte celebrated her birthday

For the first time, Mica Viciconte celebrated her pregnant birthday. excited for the occasion posted a funny reels in his profile and said: “I love celebrating my birthday, but today I celebrate it differently while waiting for Luca Cubero to arrive.”

She was also grateful for the number of messages and signs of affection she received on her 33rd birthday. “Thanks to all those who wrote to me privately, uploaded photos, and are by my side every day. I love them. Thank you love Fabian Cubero for joining us on this day and that delicious breakfast”.

Mica Viciconte is expecting her first baby with Fabián Cubero

Mica Viciconte is expecting her first baby with Fabián Cubero (web/)

The athlete entertained his beloved with a large breakfast tray that he took to bed to start the day in the best way. In it there was a good variety of options to eat between crumb sandwiches, vanilla cookies and chocolate chips, muffins, puddings and infusions of all kinds. While at night they went out to dinner at a renowned restaurant to give a finishing touch to that special day.

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