Michelle Bachelet

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Michelle Bachelet, announced this Monday that she will not run for a second term after 31 August.

“As my term comes to an end, this 50th session of the Council will be the last I speak,” said the 70-year-old former Chilean president at the opening session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. , which starts today in Geneva, Switzerland.

OHCHR spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani, quoted by the Associated Press news agency, confirmed that Bachelet will not seek a second four-year term when the current one ends on 31 August.

Bachelet’s current term has recently been overshadowed by criticism of her response to China’s treatment of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities.

In early June, more than 230 human rights organizations, including Portuguese, demanded Bachelet’s resignation, accusing her of “laundering atrocities” during her recent visit to China.

For activists, during the trip Michelle Bachelet legitimized “Beijing’s attempt to cover up its crimes using the Chinese government’s false ‘counterterrorism’ framework and repeatedly referring to internment camps by the Chinese government’s designation: ‘Education Centers’ and Professional Training’ (CETP)”.

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