He produces 30 dozen per week which he sells for $4.50 each.

His business started in pandemic and in the middle of the field. It was 2018 when Camila Del Valle, a young Marketing graduate, left everything and went to live in Australia with a clear goal: to have a life experience and try her luck in a country that could give her economic stability and security.

In Buenos Aires, he was doing an internship in a well-known multinational company, but it wasn’t fulfilling him and there was something about that remote country that generated a lot of intrigue and curiosity. With some savings and a share of uncertainty launched into adventure.

I wanted to try my luck, get to know another culture, change the air. During the first year she had several informal jobs and in the second she went to live in the countryside with her boyfriend who had found a job there. meanwhile she She worked as a waitress in some restaurants in town.

Many times and unexpectedly, life takes a swerve and changes course. Just when Camila believed she was on track for her goals, the pandemic hit and she lost her job because the restaurant where she worked closed. “It was hard, we were very alone, far away and with the borders closed. I needed to have an activity”, he confesses.

Suddenly, he found himself face to face with that emptiness that generates so much free time and decided to study to complement his career. “I did a training to learn how to use design programs. When I finished I asked myself what I could do to exploit everything I had learned, ”she says. And following his inner impulse, he decided to undertake.

Was the first time this young woman ventured into the kitchen, but she was determined: “I needed to occupy my time and urgently have an income,” says Camila. To publicize her project, she put together a flyer that he pasted on the billboard of the town supermarket and spread it through the chat rooms of the neighboring towns. “I didn’t know how what I was doing was going to have an impact, if it was going to be interesting, it was a novelty, but little by little I began to have orders. People became familiar with the taste.” comments the entrepreneur.

He intended to land with a innovative and creative project for a society that knew little and nothing about the existence of dulce de leche. thus created Argentinian Delights, an alfajores enterprise that today became fashionable in the culture aussie.

At first and without kitchen utensils, he made do with what he had. “To fill the alfajores, I used a bag of lentils as a sleeve,” recalls Del Valle with a laugh. Little by little it was perfected. At that time, the average sales was six dozen a week, in total he made 72 units and most of them were made to order. today about 30 dozen per week, that is, 360 alfajores that are sold between US$4.50 and US$5 each.

He produces 30 dozen per week which he sells for $4.50 each.

The idea was hers, but since she didn’t know how to cook, she asked a pastry friend for help. She sensed that she could not fail: alfajores are a classic that do not go out of style, perfect for the moment of a sweet craving, ideal as a snack or to take as a gift, who refuses one? In this product, Camila found a potential business. On her menu she offers seven varieties, all stuffed with dulce de leche – which she prepares herself – and an option with quince jelly. “What changes is the dough, the shape and the decoration, sometimes I make them themed”, explains the entrepreneur.

Camila started cooking at dawn, prepared the orders and in the afternoon she distributed them and made the purchase of merchandise. “I took care of everything, even the delivery. It was and is very sacrificed because the closest city is two hours by car from my house in the countryside”, comment.

The feedback from customers surprised her: “Teenagers filmed themselves trying them on and they sent videos to their friends explaining what they were eating”, he recalls.

And he doesn’t forget the first batch of alfajores caps that all burned: “The kitchen demands many hours and behind those flavors there is a huge job, learning and dedication details.

Today, not only does it deliver at home, it also appears at fairs, events and in the markets of the different towns. He also sells his merchandise in different shops that offer it permanently. The next step is inauguration of a food trucks in the month of June, a subject that was pending and that is about to be finalized.

In the kitchen, she found a job that she is passionate about and her cable to land in Australia, a place that opened doors for her and made her feel at home: “You live more peacefully, the economy is stable and allows you to project and grow.”

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