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The leader of the Tupac Amaru, miracle roomclaimed for the social plans and harshly questioned the current economic system. In this sense, he called for “discussing poverty to redistribute wealth.”

We’re tired of keeping the rich”, sentenced the Kirchnerist referent in a dialogue with Fernando Borroni in La990. In this way, he explained that society financially supports the “rich who have big subsidies while the right applauds”, for which he expressed: “I feel that as militants we all have to get together and start discussing poverty to redistribute wealth.”

Private warns that April inflation will be above what the Government expected

Along these lines, Milagro Sala referred to the difficult economic times that a large part of society is going through and assured “there are many Argentines who need work, don’t live by a plan. Thus, he reflected that, when the Government gives plans to those who have the least, the beneficiaries are branded as “kirchnerist planes”.

Miracle Room.

Judicial reform and criticism of Gerardo Morales

The leader of the Tupac Amaru not only referred to the current economic situation, but also demanded a judicial reform and attacked the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Moralesdue to its legal status.

Sala accused Morales of “handle justice as you want”, which is why “the people of Jujuy are very afraid of him”, according to his statements.

“As time passes, Morales feels more secure and increasingly tightens the opponentsto those who dare to contradict him, even to his own friends, “said the Kirchner referent.

Gerardo Morales
Milagro Sala is one of the most critical references against Gerardo Morales.

Thus, he continued with his accusations against the governor of Jujuy and added: “He is making changes to three judges, asking them to resign, otherwise they will go to impeachment. Already three of them have resigned and he expects another three to resign.”

“Take colleagues from other Social Organizationsthey give him a contravention, he makes them pay a debt, to teachers who ask for salary increases, which closed with 10% in 3 installments, “he denounced.

Consequently, he considered as “important” a judicial reform, since he argued that “it is key that they come to see what happens with the Jujuy Justice”. Thus, he fired: “If Morales were not afraid of me, they would have freed me a long time ago. I am still detained and there are social organizations that go out to march. Everything he says contradicts himself.”

For this reason, he concluded that “people have hungrywants a salary increase, to live better and lives worse and worse in the province of Jujuy”.

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