Milei came out to respond to Carrió's accusations: "He shows again his lack of scruples"

In response to the serious accusations made by Elisa Carrió, comparing him to Hitler, the libertarian deputy Javier Milei came out to answer and pointed out that the head of the Civic Coalition “He once again demonstrates his lack of scruples in order to recover some of the centrality that he used to have”. The new friction between the two meant another twist to the one that Carrió herself had started when she was meeting with Gerardo Morales in Jujuy, occasion in which he affirmed “If you vote for (Javier) Milei, you vote for a genocide”.

Milei “knows a lot about economics, and doesn’t know anything about anything else,” Carrió said in radio statements, but later affirmed that the legislator from La Libertad Avanza “has no emotional balance” and that is why “if he were to become president, he could be Hitler or worse yet, because he has no emotional balance or temperance”.

Those affirmations of Lilita provoked the immediate retort of the economist: “Carrió and a part of Together for Change once again resort to defamatory tools with the aim of dirtying their political opponents. They did it during PASO 2021 from one of their lists and now one of their references does it”Miley warned.

Elisa Carrió spoke about Milei: “There were many with the same speech that ended with terrible dictatorships in Europe”

The confrontation then continued on social networks: the Twitter account of La Libertad Avanza published a post with a photo of Néstor Kirchner and “Lilita”: “Mrs. @elisacarrio supported Nestor Kirchner in 2003. That stain never fades again,” they tweeted.

“Carrió once again demonstrates his lack of scruples in order to do damage and recover some of the political and media centrality that he used to have”, Milei defended herself from her adversary’s accusations.

Elisa ‘Lilita’ Carrió: “Cristina Kirchner’s children end up voting for Milei today”

On the other hand, the libertarian recalled that Carrió’s statements ignore the regulation of the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)international treaty (validated by Argentina) that aims against the denial and distortion of the Holocaust.

The axis of the discussion goes back to the controversial position of Milei around the sale of organs. Carrió joined the debate and established a position contrary to that of the economist, whom he accused of “genocidal”:

Faced with this, Milei reinforced his criticism against the leader of Together for Change: “She does not tolerate her lack of prominence in the last three years. She cannot bear to have been reduced to a marginal position in the consideration of society. Perhaps she could do some self-criticism, since for 30 years she held public office and did not make any contribution so that we Argentines live better. It is part of the problem,” he considered.


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