Milei distributed criticism of radicalism and Elisa Carri
Milei distributed criticism of radicalism and Elisa Carrió.

The National deputy for Libertad Avanza Javier Milei praised Margaret Thatcher again on Monday by stating that “When he had to go to war, he went and won it, even though we were on the other side”alluding to the Malvinas War of 1982, and also recognized that “he managed to lower inflation” and “made reforms that brought down the Berlin wall with (Ronald) Reagan.”

Speaking to Radio 10, the ultraliberal economist thus ratified his vindication of the former British prime minister, considered along with Reagan and the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as one of the emblems of neoliberalismalthough he complemented his sayings with a mention of the “courage of those who risked it”, by the Argentine soldiers who fought on the islands.

Regarding your contacts with Together for Change, Milei ruled out an eventual alliance with that coalition for the presidential electionsby maintaining that “it is impossible” for him to ally himself with the radicals because, he said, “they are useless”, to later classify them as those “greatly responsible for Argentina’s decadence”.

“The radicals are useless. They separate problems into two: those that have no solution and those that are fixed over time. Whenever they were in government, they ruined people’s lives,” Milei asserted.

In his criticism of the UCR, the legislator took up a definition launched two weeks ago by Mauricio Macri during a speech at a forum of the Liberal Institute at the Sheraton Hotel in São Paulo, Brazil, in which he criticized “global populism” and defined first president elected in free elections after the Sáenz Peña law, the radical Hipólito Yrigoyen, as the first Argentine president to promote populism.

In the same line, Milei advanced that “it is impossible” for him to join JxC to share the same political space with because, he said, “the radicals are largely responsible for Argentina’s decadence, which begins with the leftist populism of (Hipólito) Yrigoyen.”

Regarding his current relationship with the former president of 2015-2019, he pointed out that despite the fact that in recent years he was “very critical” of the Cambiemos government, he is currently holding talks with Macri to jointly analyze economic issues, from a neoliberal approach. .

In that sense, he said that “discusses with Macri on issues of liberalism” although he later added that “it’s not that close either” of the former president, to finally launch as a challenge that if the founder of the PRO “wants to come to Libertad Avanza, I will receive it and give him an internship,” he said.

Regarding some recent statements by Elisa Carrió, who said that the economist “could be (Adolf) Hitler, or worse still, because he has no emotional balance,” Milei announced that she will initiate legal action and sue the founder of the Civic Coalition and five journalists “for trivializing the Holocaust”stating: “I am waiting for my lawyer to bring me the papers to denounce this lady for her statements”.

In response to a query, he said that behind these accusations “clearly” is the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, although he did not specifically mention it.

For Milei, the Civic Coalition “is a detachment from radicalism on the left” while “the soft wing of the PRO are social democrats, not very different from Kirchnerism except for manners”, although she asked to leave the so-called “hawks” out of that definition of that match.

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