MIAMI, United States. – The journalist Claudia Montero Lescaille was interrogated by the Military Counterintelligence this Monday, after being summoned for the third time to appear at the Unit of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) of Zapata and C, in Havana.

Although the summons indicated that the reason was “interview”, Montero Lescaille stated that “it was more like an interrogation”.

“On this occasion they let me know that the one who questioned me was not State Security but the CIM (Military Counterintelligence) and that the reason was to get to know me a little better, to create a criterion of me,” he explained.

The reporter also told CubaNet that, although she remained silent during almost the entire interrogation, they asked her questions related to her relationship with the journalist Camila Acosta, as well as about alleged meetings that take place at the home of her partner, the opponent Fabio Corchado.

Summons received by Claudia Montero Lescaille (Photo: Courtesy)

“I answered what was related to my Journalism degree and my work within the ruling party, information that they have known for a long time. They also asked me about my gallbladder operation and about meetings of ‘counterrevolutionaries’ at my partner’s house, where I live,” said the journalist.

Montero Lescaille also specified that they emphasized the new Criminal Code, as well as its article 135.1 on “mercenary”.

“Officers Carolina and Rafael, who I imagine are not their real names because when I told them to introduce themselves they thought about it for several seconds, they were interested in knowing what I believed about the Cuban government. However, I continued to use my right not to testify”, detailed Montero Lescaille.

They also told him that “with his right to remain silent he was telling them a lot” and warned him that Corchado would also be subjected to interrogation.

“I asked them about my process and Fabio’s and they told me that it was over, because once Camila Acosta’s case was closed, ours had also ended because we were part of that investigation.”

“However, the alleged captain Rafael subliminally told me that the subpoenas were going to continue, because they wanted to meet me and form an opinion about me,” he said.

In the last six months, after being charged with public disorder, both Claudia Montero and Fabio Corchado remained under a precautionary measure of house arrest.

On that occasion they were also informed that they would be “regulated”, that is, that they would be prohibited from leaving the national territory, a method used by Cuban State Security against activists, independent journalists and opponents of the regime.

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