Deputy Loester Trutis is investigated for alleged fake attack (Photo: Disclosure)
Deputy Loester Trutis is investigated for alleged fake attack (Photo: Disclosure)

The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Rosa Weber, received a complaint against federal deputy Loester Trutis (PL) about allegedly having simulated an attempt on himself in February 2020 when, together with the head of his cabinet Ciro Nogueira Fidelis, he was returning from Sidrolândia to Campo Grande.

In a virtual session held this Friday afternoon (5th), the minister, who is the rapporteur of the case, concluded that “the arguments brought by the Defense are not sufficient to, at this procedural stage, disqualify the empirical basis gathered during the course of the investigation, the which supports the factual statements formulated in the accusatory thesis”.

He then stressed that accepting the complaint does not mean “anticipating a value judgment regarding the criminal responsibility of the accused, for whose benefit the presumption of innocence prevails”. The trial began this Friday and ends on August 15.

Case – Loester and Ciro were returning from Sidrolândia to Campo Grande when the car they were in was hit by several shots. On Facebook Trutis published a message claiming to have been the target of an attack and, therefore, justified having retaliated against the aggression. Eight months later, the Federal Police concluded that the congressman set up the farce with the help of his aide.

Based on the evidence presented by the PF, the STF authorized an operation against the parliamentarian, triggered on November 12, 2020. Trutis was even arrested, but was released hours later by order of Minister Rosa Weber.

On social media, the deputy claims to be the victim of a plot “from the left” to “murder his reputation”. During the course of the process, Justice had difficulty finding Trutis to notify him.

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