Ministry of Economic Development: Mechanism to support SMEs may start operating this fall

She explained that we are talking about the purchases of the so-called largest customers – companies with state participation and state corporations that operate under federal law No. 223-FZ. It is they who provide demand for the products of SMEs.

Today, the volume of purchases from representatives of small and medium-sized businesses already exceeds 4 trillion rubles. According to the national SME project, the authorities planned to bring this figure to 5 trillion by 2024, Dadyan recalled.

“Today, the issues of marketing products for SMEs are one of the key ones. They need to find funds to produce all this, and then they need to sell products and ensure constant demand for them. Such long-term contracts for our small and medium-sized businesses will become a significant sales tool The conclusion of such agreements will allow entrepreneurs not to be afraid to invest in the modernization of production, in its expansion and the creation of new capacities,” the interlocutor of RG explained.

According to her, today the authorities provided representatives of small and medium-sized businesses with support both in terms of selling goods and services, and in obtaining loans on preferential terms. “Today, the total portfolio of loans to SMEs is about 8 trillion rubles. The volume of loans issued under our program as part of the national project is about a trillion rubles. So we occupy a fairly significant place in the market for providing loans to small and medium-sized businesses,” Dadayan said.

She also noted that Russia has already returned to pre-Covid indicators for a number of indicators in the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses. Now there are more than 6 million SMEs in the country – individual entrepreneurs and companies. At the same time, about 26 million people work in the sector – this is even more than before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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