Ministry of Economy and Planning approves creation of 110 new private MSMEs

The Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) announced this Thursday the approval of 111 applications for the creation of new economic actors (110 private MSMEs and a non-agricultural cooperative).

With the approval of these applications, the number of economic actors approved since September 2021, when the process began, rises to 3,980.

Of the approved MSMEs, 3,874 are private and 51 state-owned. In addition, 55 cooperatives have received the approval of the MEP.

According to their origin, 54% are business reconversions and 46% are new ventures.

It is estimated that these economic actors create 66,384 new jobs.

Of all the approved requests, 121 are integrated into local development projects and 11 are incubated in the Science and Technology Park of Havana.

(With information from the Ministry of Economy and Planning)

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