Missing objects found in Brazilian Amazon

After a week, the search for British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira turned around, after the discovery of a backpack, a notebook and other personal belongings in the area where their disappearance was reported.


They call to reinforce the search for the disappeared in the Brazilian Amazon

The Federal Police in Amazonas indicated in a note that among the objects found by the search group there are garments of the Brazilian indigenist and a Phillips backpack with personal clothing.

Previously, the Amazonas Firefighters had reported the discovery of objects that could belong to the disappeared, found near the home of the only detainee in the case, Amarildo da Costa Oliveira.

British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira have been missing since Sunday June 5 in a remote and jungle region in the Brazilian Amazon near the borders with Peru and Colombia, where they were conducting an investigation into threats against indigenous people.

According to local indigenous activists, Pereira suffered frequent threats for his fight against invasions on indigenous lands.

After a week of searches and few results, non-governmental organizations and international organizations such as the UN Human Rights Office urged the Government of Jair Bolsonaro to “redouble” its efforts to find the disappeared.

The Valle do Javari, where Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira disappeared, is the second largest indigenous reserve in Brazil and a constant scene of conflicts against indigenous communities.

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