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The council of aldermen of the Municipality of Mocha accepted a proposal to declare a state of “serious health risk” landfill of that municipality, before the environmental contamination that it represents.

The declaration was approved this Monday morning during an extraordinary session held at the garbage dump facilities, located in the Los López III sector.

The councilors justified the measure due to the inability of the municipal administration to solve the problems of the landfill.

The president of the council, Guillermo Ferreira, indicated that the central idea is to carry out the realization of a resolution and a “much stronger” call to the Government to come to the aid of Moca.

He affirmed that they are concerned about the situation of environmental contamination and the constant fires that for many years have originated in the deposit of trash that operates open pit in Moca.

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Moca City Council authorities (FREE DIARY / ANEUDY TAVÁREZ)

Ten of the 13 aldermen of the Mocano council participated in the section. The three absentees apologized for various reasons. The Mayor also participated in the event. Miguel Guarocuya Cabralwho agreed with the declaration.

Guarocuya Cabral assured that with the resources received by the town hall of Moca there is no way to maintain the operations of the landfill with the high operating costs it demands.

He reiterated his request to the Government to expedite the construction of a collection center for the transfer of solid waste produced in that municipality. He said that the mayor’s office has already acquired the land to build this work.

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Fire landfill

While the authorities carried out the section, several units of the Municipal Fire Department worked to extinguish the flames of a new fire registered last weekend in that dump.

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