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This Sunday’s Oscars gala brings a tight fight in the best picture category, has several records at stake and includes some controversial changes aimed at winning back the audience at home.

These are the six moments to notice in the ceremony:

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)


The delicate balance of introducing the war in Ukraine at a gala in which millionaires present each other with golden statuettes was difficult for the producers of the ceremony.

The host Amy Schumer He proposed that Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, a former actor, speak remotely at the gala.

But the night’s producer Will Packer preferred not to comment on the subject when questioned at a press conference, while Wanda Sykes, another of the gala’s hostesses, ironically: “Isn’t he busy right now?”

But the show will refer to Ukraine in an “organic” and “respectful” way, Sykes said. The night’s winners are also expected to mention the Russian invasion in their speeches.

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The “Fan Favorite” will be awarded for the first time. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Oscar real vs. Oscar of Twitter

The producers of the Oscars this year incorporated two prizes to give film fans space to choose their favorite film, and the “happiest moment” of a film.

Although not a formal Academy Award, the “fan favorite” has generated controversy. Some voices claimed that the “real” awards are forced to give way to the “Oscars of Twitter“.

“Not that any user of Twitter is going to give an Oscar to Meryl Streep! That’s not what’s going to happen,” Packer said.

How the fan prizes will be handed out and how receptive this experiment will be remains to be seen.

But on previous occasions Packer has said that the biggest night in movies feels like a very secretive club. “Sometimes the gala feels like ‘it’s just us, it’s just Hollywood. No one else has been invited,'” she has said.

“This year we wanted to be a little more open in our relationship with the public.”

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The Godfather turns 50 this week. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

birthday classics

The 94th Academy Awards will not only honor this year’s nominated productions, but also timeless classics like “The Godfather,” which turns 50 this week.

“We’re going to have the Francis Ford Coppola classic. We’re going to honor him. We’ve got some surprises with this,” said producer Will Packer.

Packer also hinted that the gala would include “60 Years of James Bond.” The first installment of the 007 tapes, “The Satanic Dr. No,” was released in 1962.

An advance is the presentation of the American singer Billie Eilish, who is going to interpret the song of “No time to die”, the most recent film in the series.

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Director Jane Campion nominated for “The Power of the Dog.” (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Women’s power

“The Power of the Dog” director Jane Campion recently said it was time to “reclaim a sense of triumph” by breaking new ground in Hollywood for women.

Sunday’s gala could raise that argument even further. Campion, one of the favorites of the night, could become the third director to win in Oscar history, a year after Chole Zhao became the second with “Nomadland”.

Even more impressive is that in almost a century of history, its director of photography, Ari Wegner, is the second woman nominated in a male-dominated category.

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Actress Ariana DeBose. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Anita’s encore

Don Corleone, the patriarch from “The Godfather,” the Joker, Batman’s arch-rival, and Anita, a Puerto Rican immigrant from “Love Without Barriers,” don’t seem to have anything in common.

But if Ariana DeBose wins the Oscar for best supporting actress this Sunday, as expected, it will be another rare moment in which two interpreters take home a golden statuette for embodying the same fictional character.

Robert De Niro won his first Academy Award for playing in “The Godfather II” the younger version of the mob boss who also gave Marlon Brando an Oscar. Joaquin Phoenix already conquered the voters by starring in “Joker”, after Heath Ledger won the posthumous award for the same role but in “Batman – The Dark Knight”.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, American composer, lyricist, actor, singer, playwright, and producer. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)


Lin-Manuel Miranda disputes the Oscar for the best song with “Dos Oruguitas”, which will be performed by the Colombian Sebasti├ín Yatra at the gala.

But after becoming a viral social media hit, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” also composed for the soundtrack to Disney’s animated movie “Charm,” the catchy The song will be performed live for the first time by the cast of the film.

The Caribbean-rhythm hit tells the story of Bruno, the black sheep of the Madrigal clan, spawned over a million TikTok videos and topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks, becoming Disney’s most popular song.

“If there’s one song that brings people together this year, it’s the kind of thing that movies can do,” Packer said, recalling that the song has been sung non-stop around the world.

“We are going to help them sing it a little more. We already apologize to the parents,” he added.

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