Mónica Farro breaks the networks
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Monica Farro She was always classified as one of the sexiest women in Argentina despite the fact that her nationality is Uruguayan, since much of her career was spent in her neighboring country.

A few months ago he joined adult content platforms and on Lupita’s social network he shows it and tells it openly. In fact, he affirmed: “Feel unique and sexy, only for you and for no one else. Whoever loves you or doesn’t care, you are worth too much. love yourself”.

Mónica Farro breaks the nets (web/)

Of course, good habits, physical exercise and a good diet help her stay as if the years did not pass. A few hours ago, she landed in the province of Chaco and greeted all her fans.

She posed in front of the mirror with a colaless underwear and a pupera that revealed her tattoos on her abdomen. “Hello Chaco”, he wrote in his stories.

Mónica Farro took all eyes

Monica Farro took all eyes (Instagram /)

Monica Farro’s fight with Malena Pichot

The actress gave an interview to IP news where she revealed: “I am not ‘death to the macho’, we need men. I was a champion of gender violence at the time, but that does not mean that I am against feminist. I like compliments, I like opening the car door and if that makes me not a feminist, then I won’t be.”

Before her words, the Influencer and feminist replied: “Farro lives by pleasing men, that is, it is her literal job, she lives by being pleasing to the eye for men and everything else. She lives by being a fantasy of men, of course she is not a feminist ”.

Of course, the Uruguayan did not remain silent and responded to him on social networks. “Society is so sick that there is no democracy to give an opinion and these women who use words only insult other women, aren’t they macho? Hahaha Don’t you agree that I think differently? Why?,” she wrote on Twitter.

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