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The Ministry of Health also detailed that, of the 37 confirmed cases of monkeypox in our country, 26 they went with travel background previous at the onset of symptoms: 20 from Europe4 of North America and 2 of South America.

Of the 11 cases without travel historyseveral refer sexual contact with travelers, people who do not know if they traveled or with close contacts with a confirmed case.

100% of confirmed cases were in menwith an average age of 36 years, with a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 48 years. In any case, according to the Ministry, monkeypox “can affect Anyone coming into contact with a person with monkeypox, especially if they have direct physical contactor with contaminated materials“.


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the minister of Health, Carla Vizzettiindicated that it is key to curb the spread of monkeypox “ avoid physical contact with people diagnosed or with skin lesions of unknown origin”, as well as “consult if one is present in the body, however minimal it may be”.

“It is important to understand that contagion occurs through physical contact with an infected person, It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity. Those people who are not men and have sex with men will think that they cannot be infected and this is not the case,” Vizzotti said.

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The report also specified that the majority of cases in the current outbreak presented mild symptoms of the disease, characterized mainly by the presence of vesicular rashes -skin rash-, and in several cases few injuries in different places (genitals, perianal, hands, torso and face). And they added that, to date, no serious cases, hospitalizations or deaths were reported for this disease.

Other presenting symptoms were also lymphadenopathy (glands that increase in size), fever greater than 38.5 degrees, myalgias, fatigue, headache Y Back pain.


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According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), reported -as of July 28, in the world- a total of 21,064 cases of monkeypox confirmed in 78 countriesY 5 deceased. Europe represents the 66% of the total cases, while America represents the 32%followed by Africa with the two%.

United States, Brazil and Canada They are the countries with the most cases and are among the 10 countries with the highest number of cases worldwide.

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