Monthly ceiling for tariff subsidies: the detail of the scheme that the Government will apply

While defining who will be the new Secretary of Energy, after the resignation of Darío Martínez from the position, the Government advances in the application of the new rate segmentation scheme, where more users than those initially announced will lose part of the subsidies.

As TN learned, the official decision is that those who did not request to maintain state assistance in electricity and gas rates through the RASE form will gradually pay the full rate from next month, which implies increases of more than 100 % from current values.

Meanwhile, some 4 million households will not have increases since they are part of the low-income segments and will maintain the social rate for electricity, gas and drinking water.

For the middle segment, those with incomes of less than $364,000 per month, the full subsidized monthly consumption ceiling system will be imposed at 400 Kw.

Any consumption that exceeds that base must be paid at full rate. That price will apply only to the incremental, that is, for consumption that exceeds the base of 400 kW, they explained from the economic team

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