Monthly horoscope Aquarius: Your horoscope for May 2022

Monthly horoscope Aquarius for May 2022 – Your zodiac sign reveals everything about love, work, health. ✓ Horoscope free ✓ for man & woman | DAY24

New month new happiness. Is the angel of love upside down, is there big money in your job? Find out in your free monthly horoscope, what destiny and the stars have planned for your zodiac sign Aquarius in the next few weeks.

What surprises have the stars planned for your future? In the free horoscope for Aquarius you can expect helpful inspiration for all life situations.

With a little cosmic help and a few exciting astro tips, this month will certainly not be boring.

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love and partnership

In the partnership area, a little more understanding is needed. Persistence and perseverance do not always lead to the goal. Better say goodbye to a hopeless affair. An old love never rusts, even if you want to convince yourself that it does. Your thoughts are erratic and disordered. Your statements are the same. Be careful and don’t rush anything.

health and fitness

You should really let yourself be pampered. Enormous demands on your energy result in phases of exhaustion. A little relaxation must be planned. You could uproot trees again. Use your excess strength as sensibly as possible, for the benefit of your health. Your defenses are weakening. Eat more vitamins and move more. Deep mental relaxation is also very important.

career and finances

Initiative and self-confidence are the guarantors for the success of your projects. Your activities stagnate and your goals lose themselves in the indefinable distance. This results in feelings of unhappiness, but these are temporary. You concentrate too much on small things and lose the overview. Your sense of responsibility means that other things are more important than the job.

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