More and more women feel that they are not paid fairly
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71% of men and 72% of women consider financial reward importantHowever, when asked if this factor is really present in their work environment, the dispersion of results between the responses of men and women was significant.

“Women continue to face systemic barriers to work, thus producing a loss of power. Business leaders who want to correct this need not reinvent the scheme; As the report shows, women and men value the same attributes, therefore, companies just have to make sure that those attributes are distributed fairly, without gender differences.” commented Karin Reise, partner of PwC Argentina leader of Inclusion and Diversity.

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The biggest points of difference are:

  • receive a fair financial compensation: a 34% more women which men refer that does not experience it in practice.
  • Labor autonomy: a 27% more women which men reveal that they can’t manage their career over time and 22% more say that they cannot choose where and how to work.
  • Job satisfaction: 20% more women that of men surveyed indicated that They are not happy with their current job.
  • Power to make decisions: the survey reveals that a 19% more women than men feel that their opinion is not taken into account at work.

“If anything has taught the great renunciation to businessmen is Don’t assume that your co-workers They won’t be around forever, yet many companies run the risk of doing exactly that, either by not paying attention to qualified talents by not supporting them to those who seek professional fulfillment or for losing opportunities to generate confidence that leads to positive results on a personal, professional and social level”, concluded Karin Reise.

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