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As it came to light in the past few days, Mol will temporarily stop supplying fuel to many small gas stations. The restriction affects those wells that the large company has no obligation to serve.

MOL Zrt. stated in its announcement that the operation and security of supply in Hungary is the most important thing for the company, so temporary restrictions are being introduced in order to continue to supply motorists. Therefore, the service of certain small wells and part of the reseller customers was temporarily suspended.

Mol has no obligation to provide service to the 194 resellers involved, but we signed a contract with them after the official price came into effect and the import was stopped.

This customer base accounts for 10 percent of all filling stations in Hungary

– they say in the statement.

The temporary restrictions are for an indefinite period of time, but our supply strategy is reviewed weekly and we fulfill our contractual obligations in all cases.

The FBSZ provided the Index with a list of the small gas stations in which settlements may run out of fuel.

We have now received another list from the FBSZ, which describes which settlements’ supply of small boats may be at risk.

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