More than 100 million liters of oil are discarded every year

The theme of the meeting was between statistical data on the management of used vegetable oil in Argentina, as well as potential lines of work to continue being part of the solution to this problem. Of the 20 liters consumed in homes for food, a waste of 2.6 liters of used vegetable oil, per person, per year. There are 122 million liters per year that are generated in the home environment, of which 95 million are not managed correctly. The good news is that 73% of those surveyed presented a high motivation to separate if the process were made easier for them and/or they had access to more information on how to do it. To those 95 million that end up in landfills, on the ground and, above all, polluting our water resources, add about 8 million discarded by large generators, that is to say gastronomic premises, deliverys, dining rooms, which do not correctly manage this waste.

In the second block of the day the speakers were Diego Wassner (Ag. Engineer and FAUBA researcher), sofia galnares (Undersecretary of Citizen Participation and International Cooperation of Venado Tuerto) together with Catramado dart (Environmental Director of Venado Tuerto), Rodrigo Aguirre (Villaguay Sustainable Environment Coordinator) and Marcelo Gallini (Undersecretary of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment of the province of Santa Fe). Recycle Deer and Villaguay Recycle presented as success stories of localities committed to the management of their waste and the rEvaluation of used vegetable oil as second generation biofuel. In this sense, the cycle of talks of the DH-SH environmental education program was highlighted as being of cultural interest in Villaguay, which from now on will award teaching points.

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Throughout the meeting, environmental education was highlighted as a fundamental leg to generate a real change towards sustainability. “The construction of the environmental agenda has to be from the perception of the environmental problems that people have locally. We must territorially empower local governments and accompany their processes. Environmental education is key and must be intercultural, intergenerational and have a gender perspective”, Marcelo Gallini assured.

Recycle your Oil is the DH-SH campaign who was born in 2017 and already has collected 8 thousand tons of used vegetable oil that were converted into second-generation biodiesel. The campaign has presence in 150 locations in 14 provinces and has already arrived with his talks on the life cycle of the oil to more than 1200 students throughout the country. in closing Antonella Druetta, responsible for Environment of the company concluded: “The future is in our hands, we have the possibility and the responsibility to take charge. TWe all, to a greater or lesser extent, have tools: ability to do and/or think, economic resources, materials, time: the key is in how we use them, in how critical we are with our attitudes and actions. Time to wake up and get involved!”

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