More than 200,000 working mothers in Guanajuato earn less than 6,000 pesos a month

Guanajuato.- In Guanajuato 29 out of 100 working mothers receive a maximum of 5 thousand pesos of salary per month. In the entity there are 723 thousand 223 women who have children and work.

Natividad Gutiérrez Godínez is part of the 214,834 working women who earn less than 6,000 pesos a month in Guanajuato.

She works in a milk pasteurizing company, weekly she gets 1,400 pesos of base salary, income that can go up 800 pesos if she earns commissions, in total she could earn up to 2,200 pesos a week.

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With this income, Natividad supports her six children. She got divorced eight years ago and has been in charge of her family ever since.

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In the entity, 29% of working women earn up to a minimum wage, which monthly represents 5,186 pesos. In this situation are 214 thousand working women who have children.

The largest volume of working mothers receive up to two minimum wages that reach 10,372 pesos per month. In this situation there are 255 thousand 460 working women with children, 35%.

In Guanajuato the majority of working women have one to two children, in this group there are 382 thousand 785. 37% of working women have completed high school.

In the segment of 40 to 49 years, it is where there is a greater number of women with children who work. In general, 64% of them live with a partner.

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He gives everything for his son

After her divorce, Natividad Gutiérrez Godínez was left in charge of her six children, who range from 21 to 11 years old.

The 45-year-old woman explained that when she just got divorced, her husband helped her with a thousand pesos a week, however this support ended.

Natividad lives together with her children in her mother’s house, since when they separated they took her out of the house where she lived. She does not receive housing support or school expenses from her ex-husband, despite having a profession as an accountant.

The worker said that she studied until high school, although she intends to buy a house, she knows that with her income she would have little cash left.

Natividad explained that her mother is the one who has helped her these years, along with her five brothers, her family is her support. “Who I have to thank is my mother, if my children are well it is thanks to my brothers,” she said.

She admitted that she would like one of her children to be professionals, she gave them studies until high school.

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