More than 330 human rights violations are reported in El Salvador

A group of Salvadoran humanitarian organizations reported Wednesday that they had received more than 300 complaints of human rights violations during the emergency regime decreed by the country’s authorities last month.


More than 1,500 Salvadoran minors have been detained during the state of emergency

Through a statement, the organizations indicated that most of the complaints received are cases of arbitrary arrests by the National Civil Police (PNC).

The organizations Cristosal, Foundation of Studies for the Application of Law (Fespad), the Pista Social Service (Spass), Azul Originario (AZO) and the Human Rights Institute of the UCA (Idhuca), indicated that their reports reflect the complaints filed for cases of human rights violations to people who claim not to be members of criminal groups.

In the text, the organizations explained that the violation they have denounced the most is arbitrary detention.

According to some organizations, complaints of arbitrary detention exceed 70 percent of cases received, followed by home invasion, injuries, robbery and even the death of a detainee.

El Salvador is under an exceptional regime, implemented after the increase in murders at the end of March attributed to gangs, with which several constitutional rights, such as free association and defense, have been suspended.

Mass arrests have been President Nayib Bukele’s main bet during the emergency regime to deal with the gangs.

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