The technological truck

The company Accenture Argentina is in the province as part of travel the country in search of talent to fill jobs related to technology and other skills.

“We have the preliminary numbers, between 635 people entered the bus and uploaded their data. We also had two talks in the largest auditorium of the University, which was packed to capacity”, Laura Briano comments to Via Mendoza.

Many of the people who were on Thursday at the UNWhose they were not students. But they came to bring their resume, to participate and get to know the company.

For those who want to attend the “Talent Bus” they must know that prior to delivering the Curriculum vitae there is a talk with interviewers to know the profile and guide the person in the positions sought.

“After that people get on the bus where there is a demo of different options for using technology, which we use with our clients. The idea is that they experience and understand more specifically what the company does”, explains the Human Resources Leader.

What are the searches of Accenture Argentina

The company is a global consultancy based in Argentina and works a lot with technology. They are currently looking for engineers, profiles of finance, economics, psychology, human resources, law, among others.

“The profile we are looking for is quite broad because there are different areas in which we provide services to clients,” he adds.

The technological truck “Talent Bus” in search of talents. (Courtesy Accenture Argentina. /)

Accenture currently has 700 remote workers from different parts of the country, in addition to the people who attend the offices of certain localities. This opportunity offered in several provinces promotes remote or hybrid work.


East may 13th will be the last day in Gran Mendoza, the bus in search of talents will be in the UTN from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

On this day there will be three talks that you can attend. One of them will be with a current employee of the brand, the Technology Industry Leader, where he will explain how technology is applied in the industry.

One of the talks given at the University of Cuyo.

One of the talks given at the University of Cuyo. (Instagram FCEeconomics /)

The May 16 the bus moved to the San Rafael UTNalso on the schedule from 14 to 19 and a talk will be given.

The Leader in Human Resources, Laura Briano, stated: “today we have more than 1,000 open positions to hire in the country”.

In the case of not being able to attend any of the days, you can enter the profile of LinkedIn of Accenture Argentina where are all the vacancies.

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