More than six percent of the population of the Czech Republic are already foreign nationals

At the end of last year, there were 660,859 foreign citizens with long-term residence permits in the Czech Republic with a total population of 10.524 million. In the last three years, the number of foreigners living permanently in the Czech Republic has increased by around one hundred thousand, according to the report presented by the Czech Press Office on Saturday.

Two-thirds of foreigners staying in the Czech Republic with various official permits came from non-EU countries, mainly Ukrainians, Vietnamese and Russians. Among the citizens of the EU countries, Slovaks live in the Czech Republic in the largest number. According to the report, the majority of foreigners came to the country for employment.

As a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the number of foreigners living in the Czech Republic is expected to increase this year. Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 404,000 Ukrainian citizens have been granted special visas entitling them to a one-year stay from the Czech authorities. According to the estimates of the internal affairs authorities, more than 300,000 of them are still in the Czech Republic and their integration into Czech society must be taken into account.

Even before the outbreak of the war, around 210,000 Ukrainian citizens worked in the Czech Republic with official permits. Together with newly arrived refugees, Ukrainians thus form the largest group of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

According to the report of the labor office, almost 80,000 Ukrainian refugees have taken up jobs at companies in the Czech Republic, and more than 40,000 Ukrainian children have been enrolled in primary schools.

During the course of last year, the Czech authorities arrested around 11,200 border violators, mostly Afghans, Syrians and Moroccans. “The Czech Republic remained a transit country for illegal migration,” the report said.

(Cover photo: Old Town of Prague. Photo: Péter Kollányi / MTI)

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