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“Happy Saturdays” has had special guests in the middle of the celebration of its five decades on Colombian television, since its first broadcast on February 5, 1972.

Even, despite his recent departure from the Canal Caracol comedy show, ‘Boyacomán’ (whose real name is Frey Quintero) stated that he will be one of those present at that tribute.

Therefore, the morning ‘Day to day’ interviewed Nelson Polanía ‘Molilla’ on August 2 to tell anecdotes with other famous characters from ‘Happy Saturdays’, which led to the story of a curious situation years ago.

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‘Happy Saturdays’: ‘Moth’ exposed a former partner who “stole” his jokes

The comedian from Antioquia indicated that, at the beginning of his career, he met “Mandíbula” (whose real name was Marcelino Rodríguez) several times in external shows, a man consolidated at that time as a figure in “Happy Saturdays”.

‘Molilla’ affirmed that, in one of those presentations, the veteran asked him to leave earlier to offer his show. There, he claimed that ‘Mandíbula’ “stole” several jokes from his humorous routine.

Polanía acknowledged her surprise, but said that her future partner in “Happy Saturdays” told her that she did this so that her appearance would be more spontaneous, since she saw a lot of talent. In the end, it turned out to be a success. “It was a very cool lesson,” acknowledged ‘Moth’.

In those reminiscences for ‘Día a día’, the comedian also recalled, with imitation on board, how it was that ‘Mandíbula’ asked him for money when he needed it.

“Lend me 100,000 but you know you’re going to lose them,” said ‘Molilla’, who told him his former partner from ‘Happy Saturdays’, who died on May 27, at the age of 71, among many good memories.

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