The response of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo to Alberto Fernández.
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The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association critical this sunday in harsh terms a message that Alberto Fernandez shared after the death of the leader of that organization, Hebe de Bonafini. The entity spoke of “insult” and recalled the strong criticism that Bonafini had launched against the Government.

The Association of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo responded to a message that the President had posted on Twitter earlier. There, the president praised Bonafini’s work against the dictatorship, spoke of “lost” after his departure and highlighted his work next to the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

“With the departure of Hebe de Bonafini we lost a tireless fighterFernandez wrote. And he added: “Demanding truth and justice together with Mothers and Grandmothers, faced the genocidal when collective common sense went in another direction. With great affection and sincere regret, I bid you farewell. See you forever, Hebe.

The response of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo to Alberto Fernández.Twitter

At nightfall on Sunday, the Association of Mothers of Plaza de Playo responded to him. “Mr President, nothing was lost., the legacy of the Mothers lives in the town,” the entity said on Twitter. And he added: “Relate the fight of our President with another organization is an insult. Luckily Hebe made public everything she thought of you”.

The Association of Plaza Mothers thus exposed the strong questions that Bonafini had launched at Alberto Fernández in recent times, especially since the worsening of the economic situation and the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund.

In June, Bonafini had harshly criticized the president. So, he had accused him of going “to shitty channels”. “Don’t talk anymore because we don’t believe you. He is digging his own grave,” he said then when questioning his appearances in the media.

In fact, he also came to compare him with the opposition leaders. “Like [Mauricio] Lying worked for Macri, you think it will give you the same result”, the leader of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo equated and took the opportunity to issue a warning: “You, with each lie, are a shovelful of earth that opens your grave. And there it will fall, into that pit that you yourself are opening”.

Bonafini also defended the differences. “I know that you are not going to like what I am telling you, but, well, since I voted for it, I have the right. Voting gives us those rights, to say what we think”.

Following the death of Bonafini, at the age of 93, the Government decreed three days of mourning. The Casa Rosada took the measure to fire someone who is recognized as “an international symbol of the search for memory, truth and justice for the thirty thousand disappeared”.

The Asociation Mothers of Plaza de Mayo announced that Bonafini’s ashes will rest in Plaza de Mayo, according to a request expressed by the leader herself.


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