Motorists fought in the middle of the street, stopped traffic and did not let the groups pass

motorists got into a fight in the middle of the street, they stopped traffic and they did not let the buses pass in a corner of Laferrereparty of La Matanza, in the west of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

The violent event occurred at the entrance to Villa Unión, on the corner of Salvigni and Route 3. The neighbors say that in that place there are always complications for buses to turn, because the cars do not leave them space. This time, when a crash occurs, the situation got out of control and the scene was filmed by witnesses present.

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In the first section of the video, you can see that a bus from line 622 and a car are facing each other and neither of them can advance. Behind that vehicle there is another that prevents you from going back to the first.

After that, a climate of tension began to build in the environment, because none of the vehicles (neither cars nor buses) backed down. Faced with this situation, the occupants of both vehicles got out of them, and the neighbors were heard saying: ”Now it is armed, it is armed”. They immediately got into a punching match, while the neighbors watched. And some even laughed and encouraged the fight.

Two of the people who grabbed each other ended up lying on the floor, muddy in the dirty water that had collected next to the cordon. While another person put his opponent against the group that was still detained and hit him in the face.

Finally, and before the cries of most of the neighbors who told them to stop, the fight ended and the motorists mobilized their cars. While two buses from line 622 managed to advance and leave the area of ​​the fight.

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