The K-9 Mail app will become Thunderbird for Android.

O thunderbirdclassic email client that belongs to Mozillawill finally reach the mobile device segment, gaining a version for android. The news was confirmed this Monday (13) by the developer.

Originally released in 2003, the email manager open source only had a desktop version. The change of direction towards cell phones will happen in partnership with the app K-9 Mailwhose trademark and source code rights were obtained by Mozilla.

Rather than building a new platform, the foundation will take K-9 Mail in its current form and improve it. But as the integration progresses, the service will change its name and also have a modified look, in addition to gaining new functions such as data synchronization between desktop and mobile.

The K-9 Mail app will become Thunderbird for Android.Source: Google Play Store/Playback

It is believed that the definitive change of the program to Mozilla Thunderbird on Android It will only happen in 2023, when it will be available for download on the Google Play Store under this name. There are currently no plans to release an iOS version, but if that happens the edition will have to be developed from scratch.

Thunderbird Features

Viewing and managing messages from multiple email accounts on a single platform is what Mozilla email client. Just add the email address, your name and the password of the services used for the app to automatically configure it.

It also supports message filtersbring folder management Optimized and search function, to make it easier to find specific emails. Security tools are another highlight, helping to protect the user from scams.

The K-9 Mail app is available for free at Play Store. It is worth mentioning that the platform must undergo frequent changes during the switch to Thunderbird, eventually generating instabilities in the service.

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