Ian Andrwei Benites in first place on the podium (Photo: Disclosure)
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Mato Grosso do Sul had 12 athletes and four gold medalists at the event held in Cascavel

Ian Andrwei Benites in first place on the podium (Photo: Disclosure)

Kickboxing fighters from Mato Grosso do Sul competed in the 11th edition of the Pan American Championship of the modality. In Cascavel, they won 12 medals, four gold, six silver and three bronze. In addition, Brazil was overall champion in the competition with 297 medals.

Mato Grosso do Sul had a delegation composed of 12 athletes and two technicians. The competition was organized by CBKB (Confederação Brasileira de Kickboxing) and had more than 900 subscribers from 19 countries in America. The champions secured a place in the World Combat Games, which takes place in October 2023 in Saudi Arabia.

The champions and gold medalists from Mato Grosso were Ian Andrwei Benites, Kivinin Francielly Macedo, Anderson Ramos da Mota and Henrique Amaral. Cléber Córdoba Júnior, Débora da Rosa Santos, Danilo Dias Vieira, Kawan Bobadilha Cavalheiro, Gabriel Dalmaso Arce and Igor Leonardo Alemar were silver. Those who won bronze were Giovanny Amarílio, Jorge Vera Denguez and Marcos Coltro Júnior.

Brazil had overall 131 gold, 101 silver and 65 bronze medals. The second position in the table went to Argentina with 163 medals (61 gold, 49 silver and 53 bronze). Mexico closed the podium with 56 medals (23 gold, 14 silver and 19 bronze).

The Pan American Championship ended the international kickboxing calendar in 2022. According to FKBMS (Kickboxing Federation of Mato Grosso do Sul), the state will have an event later this year for fighters.

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