Health professional prepare dose of vaccine against covid.  (Photo: Kísie Ainoã / Archive)

Health Secretary expects to decide on release of 3rd dose of Janssen also next week

Health professional prepare dose of vaccine against covid. (Photo: Kísie Ainoã / Archive)

Mato Grosso do Sul may release the 4th vaccine against covid for people aged 40 and over next week. According to the holder of the SES (Secretary of State for Health), Flavio Britto, the trend of MS is that the release occurs in the coming days.

“We have stock and next week we will reach a resolution on this. The Federal District and some states have already released it, so the idea is that we release it too”, explained Britto to the Campo Grande News.

The secretary is in a hurry to make the decision to encourage people to complete the vaccine cycle. “Our insistent request is for people to get vaccinated. What prevents the curve of cases and deaths is having the vaccine cycle complete ”, he reinforced.

For the manager, what Mato Grosso do Sul is currently experiencing is a false sense of security in relation to the disease. “Covid is not over, the disease is there. We continue with the beds prepared, with the health units prepared, but it is extremely important that people do not think that the covid is over. Wear a mask in closed places, sanitize your hands, avoid closed places, especially at this time that is more conducive to respiratory diseases “, oriented.

3rd dose of Janssen – Another issue being discussed in Mato Grosso do Sul is the third dose of Janssen. This week, the Ministry of Health reinforced guidance, for those who took the single dose of Janssen against covid, so that they take, in addition to the initial single dose, a second booster dose, totaling 3 doses. The orientation is initially valid for the priority public aged 50 years and over.

“We are already discussing this issue as well. We had Janssen stock replenishment and we are following the studies that talk about the interchangeability of vaccines for those who took this vaccine. Mato Grosso do Sul has always very much followed science, so we hope to have a decision on that soon,” she promised.

According to the Ministry, those who were vaccinated with Janssen should take a booster dose with the same immunizing agent or with the Pfizer and Astrazeneca vaccines 2 months after the single dose. People aged 50 and over should take the 2nd booster 4 months after the 1st booster, also with immunizers from Janssen, Pfizer or Astrazeneca.

“The recommendations of the Ministry of Health were made from studies that demonstrate that immunogenicity after the application of heterologous booster doses, with a different combination of vaccines against covid-19, was adequate and superior to regimens without booster doses”, he said. the Ministry in the recommendation released this week.

Appeal – Britto warns that people who die, victims of the coronavirus, are those who do not have the complete vaccine cycle or have comorbidity, which reinforces the importance of the population taking all available doses to avoid developing the most serious version of the disease.

“People with a complete vaccination cycle have not died. There is a significant increase in cases, yes, especially now with seasonality, but it is worth the appeal that we have several viruses circulating around, and this is the first time that we are going to experience this time of year with these liberalities in the use of masks and distancing rules. . Therefore, it is essential that everyone is vaccinated with all available doses “, appealed the secretary.

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