Multimillion-dollar blow to replica arms trafficking.

A group of federal agents of the Tax Crimes Department achievement dismantle a criminal organization dedicated to smuggling replicas of war weapons, grenades and different elements which are often used for Airsoft practice.

After a long investigation, where the feds managed to establish that the elements were illegally entered the country from the Republic of Paraguay through the Triple Frontier, to later market them in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and the Provinces of Córdoba, Misiones, Salta and Tucumán through private Telegram or WhatsApp groups.

During the two years that the judicial file hasthe researchers were able to verify the roles of each of the members of the band, among which the participation of a woman of Paraguayan nationality who lived in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas, who was the in charge of making periodic trips to Ciudad del Este Where did you buy the items?

Later, other compatriots from Puerto Iguazú received the spurious items that were crossed by waterways (aboard precarious canoes, thanks to the famous “paseros”) and then dispatched by parcel companies to different parts of the country where they were received by the other members of the band, who they were in charge of distributing them in the local market with a very high profit as a result of having avoided customs duties.

With that information and a large amount of evidence the Federal Court of First Instance of Eldoradoby Dr. Miguel Ángel Guerrero, ordered 13 simultaneous raids on commercial premises, warehouses and the private homes of those involved (where they had set up “showrooms”), achieving the arrest of 10 people and the kidnapping of 207 Airsoft Markers.

Is about exact replicas in weight and size of different firearms such as pistols, revolvers, rifles and machine guns, a grenade, 124 knives, 46 knives, 67 gas tubeslarge number of elements that are usually used for the practice of this activity such as uniforms, footwear, laser or holographic sights, helmets, vests, and other military or police tactical accessories.

Multimillion-dollar blow to replica arms trafficking. (PFA/)

Also In one of the operations carried out in the City of Buenos Aires, a veritable arsenal of real firearms was seized among which was a 12/70 caliber shotgun, two semi-automatic carbines caliber 9mm and .22, 7 pistols of various calibers, a revolver 38, and more than 2000 ammunition for all of them. Furthermore, it was found a bulletproof vest and helmet, without being able to prove the origin of many of the weapons and with the expired supporting documentation other.

The detainees, 10 adult men, together with the kidnapped elements, whose market value exceeds $30,000,000remained at the disposal of the intervening magistrate in the case labeled as “smuggling”.

Multimillion-dollar blow to replica arms trafficking.

Multimillion-dollar blow to replica arms trafficking. (PFA/)

Source: Today Cordoba

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