Municipality of Irapuato leaves citizens without support for hemodialysis

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- As it is a service that is not the responsibility of the municipal government, since March 2022 support for hemodialysis sessions is no longer provided for the benefit of people with kidney failure and despite the request of members of the City Council, the subject will not be taken up again.

The councilor of the PAN, Elba García Melgar, considered that there is no resource that is sufficient for this supportwhich is an action that is not the responsibility of the municipality but of public health institutions, in addition to the fact that it is a program that was established in the past public administration.

I just remind you that the municipality does not have the function in the matter of health and education, for that there are the corresponding instances, if it is a very sad issue, very pitiful, but there is not enough money for the municipality to be able to attend to so many cases (…) finally it was a program that was established in another administration, but that definitely declined due to the economic issue”, he indicated.

He said that surely more people will continue to join who would seek support for hemodialysis and that it is better to carry out preventive health programsto prevent more people from needing hemodialysis because it is very expensive.

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Juan Ignacio Duarte Rodríguez, councilor of the PAN, stressed that this program was of great benefit, because with the annual budget of one million pesos, it benefited 100 irapuatenseswith a total of 800 sessions.

I consider when speaking of human dignity and health of the Irapuatenses, that it is not due to ideological differences (…) I request before this sovereignty, the hemodialysis program be incorporated”, he emphasized.

Duarte Rodriguez said that yes, it is an issue that falls to the Municipality, because for that there is a Health Directorate and resources must be allocated for these programsotherwise there is no point in this dependency remaining.

I don’t know if you’ve had to see those people Elba, they arrive and the truth, poor things, it’s not enough for them, you’re not going to give them the full treatment, but if a part helps them and it would be worth a lot, “he said.

The councilor of Morena, Luis Carlos Manzano stressed that there are health programs that are duplicated, such as dental care, which are also provided by other public health institutionsin addition to the fact that it is wrong to say that because it is expensive or because it is a project of another public administration, support is stopped, since people may die.

I think that we should see for the people, the issue of hemodialysis is an issue that we have to take up precisely because it is expensive, it is not just a toothbrush (…) maybe instead of spending in some other situations and more so taking into account the austerity program with which our Treasurer threatened us some time ago and warned the directors, I think that from there we should see resources to strengthen this program”, he stressed.

Despite the opinions of several aldermen from different factions, mainly from Morena, the issue was not taken into account to look for alternatives or restore it.

Mayor insists, it is not up to the Municipality

The mayor of Irapuato, Lorraine Alfaro Garciainsisted that this support is not the responsibility of the municipal authority and that must be attended by the competent authorities that are the IMSS, ISSSTE and the Ministry of Health.

The Municipality is increasingly stressed in its budget and has to focus on what is established in article 115 of the Constitution, there they establish the obligations of the municipality towards the citizens (…) what more would we like, we do a lot of linking work, of management to serve these people,” he said.

He stressed that in matters of health and education, the Municipality is only a link with the competent both dependencies will remain in the government structure.

assured that It has nothing to do with the fact that this program was started in the past administration public.

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